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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Renovations - Design in Progress

When you need to turn your living space like the above into something like the above also, you need to tear it down.

Yup, something like this that you would do eh. Lolx... Otherwise how can have something like the above eh.

But in order to do that as above, you need to do this. A painful thing to do. Worst than pricking nails.

My apologies for the late updates as I was busy with my renovation onto my old apartment which is bigger than my new apartment which I've sold off. I can then use the $ to renovate. The below are those I've filtered from many designs and I'll use them into my renovation.


First of all, it's the Grand Entrance. This is quite important. First impression that I think must really impress anyone who comes even though nobody comes. Haha... I will take this design to the contractor for it's lighting and the design. This way, when they exit, it's a grand exit too. Haha...

This includes the top and the side. I've been browsing a lot of designs. The local designs are quite lame and seldom exquisite. Singapore's are better. I'm looking at few colors in 6 divisions. Eg. Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Study room and Dining area.


This is the place I love most. My Santuary. The most romantic area of my life. Lolx... Not making love though. Lolx... It's the place I spent most of my time here. Lay eggs. :) I prefer lots of ambience lightings. Flooring will be wooden. All else will be wooden too. I've already caught the latest design from the showroom. Will be placing my booking soon by this week.

Something like this will do too.


I like the shelf. Simple.

Good lightning.

My bathroom theme will be blue and white. It's like swimming in the sea. I like the blue section and the sink.


The quite important area. My kitchen is an L shape which is like the above. The theme will be yellow. All will be the expensive stainless steel with glass and marbles and it's sealed vacuumed when closed. No wood. My current kitchen is wood which makes cleaning very difficult. Plus pests and moisture makes it easily damaged. I had 2 freaking fridge too. Lolx...


Study room should be bright. Hence, white it is. If it's dark, I'll will be sleeping instead of studying. Lolx... I'll mix some designs here and there from all 3 pictures.

I like the decorations design.

The glass cabinet will be from Ikea. All cabinets will raised to the top. It's my Library room too. Need to buy lots of accessories from IKEA. Good business for them :)

I had a hard time thinking what design that matters. I'm very fussy abt design. I love high tech, but simple. Not sophisticated. Not overly cluttered.

Other areas that I'm still looking is the Living room and the Dining area. This includes the plaster ceiling. Lightings too. Gosh, I'm doing all alone. I don't think so I can make it before Chinese New Year.


Is Red and Yellowish brilliant? It matches my Kitchen. Lolx... I like the cabinets.

An aquarium for salt water fish. Therapeutic.

The glass shelves at the corner is enticing.


Nice black glass facing the dining table. Nice plaster ceiling.


I'll update later on. Soon enuf. :P Happy New Year to my fellow readers. Wishing you all the best in the year 2009. :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 Months

Wow, I've been away for 3 mths. Time flies. If not because of Happy Surfer reminding me to update today, I think 3 mths would become 6 or 9. Lolx...

Well, I don't have much to update. I'm planning to sell my apartment. My agent is finding the buyers. Times are bad. I sold it because the huge mosque is too near. Parking will be indiscriminate too. I prefer my dad's secluded condo.

Career or work wise, I'm bored to death. No work makes Jack a dull boy. Sorry, it's dull man. :) November month makes it unbearable. Can't wait for end December! Thats like 1.5 mths away...

Personal front, it's just the same. There're aren't much nice movies nowadays. It's good though, as I can save then. As I'm still single with no dates, I really don't know why should I save. Save for marriage? Lolx... Yar, if I had one. Save for rainy days? Well, I had. I'm lost actually. Everyday was mundane. I'm quite lonely though. With my mum passed away, I came back home with nobody at home. Dad comes home late and we rarely talks. I had only a handful of friends and all of them are married. Can't really disturb them. Lolx... I can't renovate my dad's apartment as he hasn't moved out yet. Hence, nothing to do. It's only after that, I can be very busy. Anyway, my direction of life is lost. Materially I'm there. Some how it's empty.

I hope I'm not boring anyone. Happy surfer would not be happy after reading this. Haha... Take care! Adios...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lightnings, Sinks & Wardrobes


I think I like this 1.

Mini sink. Haha...


I like this 1.


For dinner table.

OR this?

For wall.

Very nice. RM1K+. Good for stairways.

Cabinet for bathroom. Not that nice.

Another bathroom cabinet.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home Furnitures

The best designs or rather good designs you can find is showrooms. Haha... This showroom is 280K unit. This is a small wardrobe.

Nice bedroom eh. Small though.

The bathroom in master bedroom is rather small.

The living room. Not that nice. Ok showroom done for here.

Wardrobe from Lorenzo. Yup, I've went to 2 showrooms from Lorenzo. Jln Ampang's was more of European style. I'm a bit apprehensive to get this compared to the smoky transparent-looks-modern type. This is so grandpa style. Well, I like the compartments though. The modern types does not have many compartments.

Hmm... It actually looks better in real than in photo.

I wonder if I like stripes. Both have pics I've taken has it. Leather has advantage to easier maintenance but most leather sofas are rather rigid with so many stitches.

Just wonder if this is nice. There's not enough room for a bigger HDTV! I prefer high tech fittings into my living room. This is only just partial for bedroom and living room. So many things are missing. Well, no harm waiting. It's better to slow shop than buy all at once.

Home Appliances

Time flies real fast. Especially when you're cooking. It just dissappears like that. When you bake or make few main courses, that's even faster. My apologies for my absense here. I thank you all for visiting my blog. You see, I was busy going shopping, window shopping actually for my new home. Lightnings, bedroom King Size bed, wardrobes, bath tub, bath utensils, bla bla right to floor tilings. Gosh... Yah, I'm hoping to turn my hse into 5 star hotel. Haha...

I like this microwave oven from Panasonic due to its 27L with capability to steam, bake n grill. See here. This model is techie.

Well this one, from Panasonic too, but its too many buttons. I like its big 42L. Panasonic has more and wider range compared to other brands.

Sharp models are rather few with much lower specifications and smaller capacity. Though I'm a little guy, I do have Big kitchen. To cook a camel. Haha...

Samsung does not have microwave Inverters! Darn... I prefer Inverter as it retains nutrition and not overcooked plus energy-saving. Convection does exactly that.

LG does not has many options besides claiming to cook 4 times faster with 50% energy savings.

Today I've went to Carrefour for groceries shopping and since I'm there, I've walked the isle into the home appliances for microwave ovens. There's only 1 that is up to my standards. The rest has practically no accessories, the handle was made in stainless steel, the inside steamer door was microwave-capable made of some plastic kinda thing. Most models was of low capacity, eg 22L. I'm looking for XL! Haha... Well... not that I had 6 kids to feed anyway. It's just me. Neither I'm a big eater. I prefer a larger capacity as I can microwave multiple food in 1 go instead of separate.

Any recommendations? I'm looking for above 27L, inverter technology with convection for baking and grilling. I doubt inverters can go with convection. Well, I'll guess I'll have to go more shopping then. Here the link to Buying Guide, here and here for dummies like me. Haha...

Monday, May 26, 2008


Since 13th January, I've been disappeared long enough. Perhaps 13th wasn't good number. Or perhaps January wasn't a good mth. Hahaha... Yah, January was when people starts things and I was instead disappeared. Actually I was already started. Hmmm... I wonder where I've left off though. Lolx... Well, how abt 26th then, which is today. Must be a good number then. A number that showed that I've come back, returned from don't know where and blogged here now about something. *winks. Anyway my apologies for my MIA (Missing In Action). Well, I'm back. I hope. Lolx...

I've seldom cooked nowaday as I'm waiting and still waiting (for ages - kidding) for my new apartment to be ready. Then again I had to wait till my kitchen, room, bathroom and god knows what else for the renovation to finish. Perhaps I too needs to be renovated. Lolx.

Hence, sorry for not posting any recipes. Perhaps in late Oct when my dream turtle shell is ready. I wonder if my big kitchen fits. Lolx. I was already shopping for microwave oven that comes with steam. Any above 20 litres. Also some other electronics. I too seldom bought any recipe books or magazines as I found it lack of uniqueness. It's been mths though.

Playing Golf

A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day, their passions overcame them and they took off for her house, where they had passionate relations all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and awoke at around 8 p.m.

As the man prepared to leave, he told the woman to take his shoes outside and rub them through the grass and dirt. Mystified, she nonetheless complied and he slipped into his shoes and drove home.

"Where have you been?" demanded his wife when he entered the house.

"Darling," replied the man, "I can't lie to you. I've been having an affair with my secretary and we've been together all afternoon. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until eight o'clock."

The wife glanced down at his shoes and said, "You lying jerk! You've been playing golf!"

P/S : Gals who married, don't show this to your husband!