Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home Furnitures

The best designs or rather good designs you can find is showrooms. Haha... This showroom is 280K unit. This is a small wardrobe.

Nice bedroom eh. Small though.

The bathroom in master bedroom is rather small.

The living room. Not that nice. Ok showroom done for here.

Wardrobe from Lorenzo. Yup, I've went to 2 showrooms from Lorenzo. Jln Ampang's was more of European style. I'm a bit apprehensive to get this compared to the smoky transparent-looks-modern type. This is so grandpa style. Well, I like the compartments though. The modern types does not have many compartments.

Hmm... It actually looks better in real than in photo.

I wonder if I like stripes. Both have pics I've taken has it. Leather has advantage to easier maintenance but most leather sofas are rather rigid with so many stitches.

Just wonder if this is nice. There's not enough room for a bigger HDTV! I prefer high tech fittings into my living room. This is only just partial for bedroom and living room. So many things are missing. Well, no harm waiting. It's better to slow shop than buy all at once.


Happysurfer said...

It's hard to decide, isn't it? Personally, I'd prefer minimalist and lighter shades. No browns for me, thank you.

My Bug Life said...

I like the cheery yello striped sofa set..very nice colours!

I stumbled here thru Happysurfer.

Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

happysurfer, i too prefer light colors. not brown or black.

my bug life, yar they're nice but i'm still looking for a better choice. thanks for visiting. :)

stephen said...

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Surabhi Agarwal said...

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