Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lightnings, Sinks & Wardrobes


I think I like this 1.

Mini sink. Haha...


I like this 1.


For dinner table.

OR this?

For wall.

Very nice. RM1K+. Good for stairways.

Cabinet for bathroom. Not that nice.

Another bathroom cabinet.


My Bug Life said...

That twin wall lamp looks like tubes used in hospitals....hehhe. I noticed you have impressive list of recipes :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Happysurfer said...

Very posh!! Nice.

Personally, I like things WHITE especially the wardrobe. Also, light colours brighten up a place, unless of course, you prefer the place to be on the dimmer/darker side. ;p

Congrats again on your new place, LG.

NisaFirni83 said...

Do you think purple and blue make a great combination? Which is better, double or single sink? And do we really need a bathroom cabinet? Is it for any purpose or just as an accessory?

Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

my bug life : haha... thanks... i won't buy it then. :)

happysurfer : thanks. i prefer white too.

nisafirni83 : it depends on your taste esp on dark colors. same goes to sink. 2 sinks means more work cleaning it. bathroom things should be kept in the bathroom. easier to find. ensure is safe n kept away from children.

Happysurfer said...

Wei-wei! Time to keep us posted, wor. ;)

Happy November!