Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Renovations - Design in Progress

When you need to turn your living space like the above into something like the above also, you need to tear it down.

Yup, something like this that you would do eh. Lolx... Otherwise how can have something like the above eh.

But in order to do that as above, you need to do this. A painful thing to do. Worst than pricking nails.

My apologies for the late updates as I was busy with my renovation onto my old apartment which is bigger than my new apartment which I've sold off. I can then use the $ to renovate. The below are those I've filtered from many designs and I'll use them into my renovation.


First of all, it's the Grand Entrance. This is quite important. First impression that I think must really impress anyone who comes even though nobody comes. Haha... I will take this design to the contractor for it's lighting and the design. This way, when they exit, it's a grand exit too. Haha...

This includes the top and the side. I've been browsing a lot of designs. The local designs are quite lame and seldom exquisite. Singapore's are better. I'm looking at few colors in 6 divisions. Eg. Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Study room and Dining area.


This is the place I love most. My Santuary. The most romantic area of my life. Lolx... Not making love though. Lolx... It's the place I spent most of my time here. Lay eggs. :) I prefer lots of ambience lightings. Flooring will be wooden. All else will be wooden too. I've already caught the latest design from the showroom. Will be placing my booking soon by this week.

Something like this will do too.


I like the shelf. Simple.

Good lightning.

My bathroom theme will be blue and white. It's like swimming in the sea. I like the blue section and the sink.


The quite important area. My kitchen is an L shape which is like the above. The theme will be yellow. All will be the expensive stainless steel with glass and marbles and it's sealed vacuumed when closed. No wood. My current kitchen is wood which makes cleaning very difficult. Plus pests and moisture makes it easily damaged. I had 2 freaking fridge too. Lolx...


Study room should be bright. Hence, white it is. If it's dark, I'll will be sleeping instead of studying. Lolx... I'll mix some designs here and there from all 3 pictures.

I like the decorations design.

The glass cabinet will be from Ikea. All cabinets will raised to the top. It's my Library room too. Need to buy lots of accessories from IKEA. Good business for them :)

I had a hard time thinking what design that matters. I'm very fussy abt design. I love high tech, but simple. Not sophisticated. Not overly cluttered.

Other areas that I'm still looking is the Living room and the Dining area. This includes the plaster ceiling. Lightings too. Gosh, I'm doing all alone. I don't think so I can make it before Chinese New Year.


Is Red and Yellowish brilliant? It matches my Kitchen. Lolx... I like the cabinets.

An aquarium for salt water fish. Therapeutic.

The glass shelves at the corner is enticing.


Nice black glass facing the dining table. Nice plaster ceiling.


I'll update later on. Soon enuf. :P Happy New Year to my fellow readers. Wishing you all the best in the year 2009. :)


wmw said...

Happy New Year...wah, it seems you're a Little Guy in Big Kitchen in Big House! :o)

Ping-Ping said...

Hi there, I have just tried your lam mee recipe and it is great! Very easy to follow too! Wishing you all the best for the year and hopefully you'll be able to keep the recipes coming at some point!

Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

wmw : lolx... thanks :)

ping-ping : thanks for visiting. wishing u all the best too :)

HappySurfer said...

Hi! These are really nice pictures. How's the renovation going? I can't wait to see pictures when the house is ready.

Hope all's well, LG.

Ethos said...


I was browsing through the net and found your blog. Just to say hello and compliment you on your blog.

I love your renovation plan... it was superb. Really look and feel like being in a hotel 6 star one :-)
Care to invite me over when it's done? :-) :-)

BTW, I just purchased Panasonic 27L steam inverter combi microwave.
Was wondering maybe we could exchange recipe using the unit. I haven't started anything with it yet and still experimenting.

What do you think?


happysurfer said...

Hi LG, how are you doing? Hope all's well. Looking forward to updates of your new home.

bigfish_chin said...

oh wow! been stop blogging for a while... congratulation for going have a BIG KITCHEN soon... do more update!
U should have let me know earlier... my Mr.Lim is an Interior Designer :)

HappySurfer said...

So, are you ready to showcase your kitchen yet? Looking forward to it. Hope all's well.

Potato Ricer said...

That looks amazing! It would be my dream house.

Anonymous said...

hi there...
i like ur new home?
who's decored?
hope we will be nice fren guys,,
ym cleonix_17@yahoo.co.id

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Oh I love most of the designs , thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

i loooovd ur designs as they are simple n hvng gr8 lukkkkkkk..........i olso lyk d thngssss same wayyyyy..my funda is "simple living n high thinknggggggg"n thts wht urs issssss

JamZ-T said...

looking forward to ur updates...i love to cook...but i am clueless until i ran into ur blog...

iZAN said...

Hi little guy, just wanted to share with u & your readers if u need an ideas for your renovation. Please visit & have take a look at my blog www.rizarcdesign.blogspot.com. Its still a new blog, still a lot more to upload soon. Thanks!

Pauline Yap said...

hi, i really like your blog. please keep writing ya :)

HappySurfer said...

Hi there! Gong hee fatt choy! How have you been? Is your house all set to be blogged? :p Take care now..

Anonymous said...


am planning to visit KL next month for a conference. . heard that the food there is wonderful, can you recommend any good restaurants near malaya university?

HappySurfer said...

Hi there! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

candice said...

wah... what happened ah ?

after renovation, no sound liaoz?

or you got lost in your BIGBIG kitchen? CNY coming soon, what you cooking for us huh?

randy said...

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